Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DID YOU MISS ME? I’m back!!

I'm back! The travel trailer hermit!

I am going start off by saying I am sorry for not writing everyday like I promised, and the main reason is a lot of things have changed in my life since my last article. My red 1/2 ton pick-up that I spoke so fondly of finally laid down for the count about four months ago, the motor was running fine and the transmission was shifting normal but the frame was rusted and the starter was out. The odometer read almost 300k miles, and within a week I had it sold. I was $2,000 richer, and my hunt for another automobile had begun. A friend at work had a 1984 f-250 for sale, and before I knew it I was a proud owner of a 3/4 ton. The truck ran good, and the C6 automatic transmission shifted smooth. In March I cleaned out my bedroom at my mom's house, and I told her I had planned on pulling a travel trailer into the back yard and living in it. Long story short, her jaw dropped and for some odd reason she wasn't happy with her son's ideal of a perfect lifestyle. She said, "Having my son living in a rickety old trailer in the backyard will bring our property value down and what will the neighbor's think?" I told her I didn’t care what the neighbor's thought, and whether she liked it or not, I would live happy ever after in my 12ft tin box. For a week she didn’t talk to me, and after some trial and error a friend who lives about 12 minutes down the road said they would let me park my camper on their property. I jumped on the ideal, and on the 4th of April I drove to my dad's house, hooked up my trailer and towed it almost 40 miles to my friend's property. I leveled it up using three jack stands and two scissor jacks, I left the tires intact but placed a piece of clear plastic under each tire to create a moisture barrier between the tire and the ground. I moved in on April 7th with no running water, no electricity, and no internet. By the middle part of May, it felt like summer had sit in. Outside temps were 80F+ and inside temps were 90F+. The camper sits about 350 feet from my friend's home, and after a miserably hot night I asked them if I could run an extension cord from the camper to the house in order to run a small AC unit and my mini fridge. They said it sounded like a wonderful ideal, and after a trip to Lowes I had myself 500 feet of 10/2 Romex and male and female connector ends. On a lonely Saturday night, I wired myself a homemade heavy duty extension cord and ran it from my camper to the GFCI outlet on the outside of the house. I buried the cord underground, and by Monday of the next week I was sitting in front of my window AC unit sipping on a tall glass of sweet ice tea. I completed my camper with a new twin size mattress, and my creature comforts were complete! I pay them $100 a month for electricity usage, washer dryer usage, and for a shower twice a week. I’m living the life of Riley, and they appreciate the extra $100 bucks. Everything was going good up until the last part of May. My F-250 started having transmission and carb trouble and it got to where it wouldn’t shift at the right RPM, and the carb would load up with gas and kill the engine. The C6 automatic transmission was starting to slip! I parked it, threw a “for sale” sign on it, and my automobile hunt began again. I live about 30 minutes from work, and I don’t like to borrow so I really needed a good dependable truck. I was relying on my Kawasaki Vulcan 800 motorcycle for commuting, and rainy days were making my ride miserable. I toughed it out, and within a week I had traded my motorcycle for a 1997 4x4 f-150. I was so happy to have a cab to sit in on rainy commutes.

Well, that should get everyone up to date on my current endeavors. I will try and write 1-3 times per week, but no promises. I might start doing a video blog, I don’t know yet. I am relying on free restaurant Wi-Fi as my only internet connection, so I gotta see how things work out.

Sincerely--------- TRAVEL TRAILER HERMIT------ signing off....              

Friday, January 25, 2013

Shotshell Reloading: Improvised shot

Welcome! sorry i didn't post yesterday, I have been having internet problems, but they seem to be fixed. If you were looking forward to an article yesterday, I am very sorry, but sometimes shit happens. Don't be looking forward to an article Saturday or Sunday either, due to the weekend... Waiting for Monday won't kill you... :)

 Buck shot has a usage, birdshot has a usage, and Slugs have a usage, but what happens when these simple projectiles can’t be purchased? Answer: You make your own.

My grandfather once said that with a shed roof, a metal pail of hot lead, a ladle, and a bucket of water you could make your own birdshot. He said he could never get the shot perfectly round using this technique, and most droplets of lead seem to look like tiny tadpoles with tails. My improvised journey didn’t involve a homemade shot tower, but instead household and hardware store materials. Let me explain each and every experiment:

1.) Wire- My dad brought a large roll of field wire from Tractor Supply about eight months ago in order to build an electric fence for his goats. He gave me the left over wire, and with a pair of Lineman pliers I cut the wire into tiny little pieces. It was time consuming, and my hand ended up with blisters but the result was decent. These little devils would travel at high velocity, and would mangle up a soda can. I would compare it to #11 or #12 shot due to their size, and they would stick into ¾ inch plywood. Each piece of wire was around 1/16th of an inch long.

2.) Lead fishing sinkers- These little sluggers make damn good improvised shot. They are the closest to the real thing, but the cost is the true downfall. Make sure to close them shut before reloading with them.

3.) Five balls of death- this reloading technique involves using five round lead sinkers and each of them snapped to a single piece of 10lbs test fishing line. I refer to it as the “five balls of death” because it comes out of the barrel like a bolo. Getting them to fit correctly inside the wad is the only trouble.

4.) Standard BBs- This is the easiest and cheapest alternative to the real thing. I use Daisy brand BBs, and a container of around 1,000 is fairly cheap and about the same size as #1 lead shot. This is my preferred alternative.

5.) Airsoft BBs- The plastic airsoft BBs make a perfect less than lethal projectile. These BBs are a bit bigger than standard zinc coated metal BBs, and their range is limited due to their weight. Perfect for scaring off stray dogs that tear out your garbage, just make sure the BBs don’t hit them in the eyes.  

6.)  Homemade Slug- I have yet to try this method, but I saw a YouTube video once where a boy drilled a hole in a small board and poured hot melted wheel weight lead into it. The end result was a makeshift 12 gauge slug.

7.) Rocks and Pebbles- This method works well with limestone gravel about the size of a fingertip. Measure it out properly using the measuring spoon that comes with the Lee Loader, I have yet to see any ill results but the sharp edges might scratch the inside of the barrel.

If I get time I will take a few photos of some simple cardboard improvised wads I made awhile back, and do a How-To post on how to make them. With my busy schedule, don’t hold your breath. J

Until next time---- Travel Trailer Hermit---- Signing off----

P.S- The hermit will NOT be held responsible for any accidents. If you blow your fucking face off, kill the neighbor, etc. etc. it is your fault, not mine. You should have been more careful, my condolences

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why a travel trailer?

            Why a travel trailer? This was a question I asked myself over and over again when I was first considering the “escape the rat race” lifestyle, and my reasons were based on a few different principles. One of my first considerations was a small 14x14 cabin just like the one mentioned online at The thought of building a permanent cabin for $2,000 didn’t really tickle my fancy, so to speak. When I was turned onto the travel trailer ideal my mind depicted a large 28 foot dual axle home on wheels with black water holding tanks, 12volt backup battery supply, micro shower, and the possibility of accommodating any typical 80 year old couple. I told myself that I didn’t need all of these unnecessary luxuries, and I wasn’t sure if my v6 F-150 would tow a miniature home. I scanned through hundreds of Craigslist ads when I finally came across a 12ft White Star single axle travel trailer that was located in Oneida, Tennessee. The price was pretty cheap, the trailer was in good shape, and the location wasn’t too far away, so I had my sights set. The guy originally wanted $1,200 for it, but with luck I got the price down to $950, I hitched it my truck, and I towed it back across the state line. Most people think because it is less than 100 sq.ft. that a normal human can’t live in it, but they don’t know the power of minimalist mindset. The reasons why I picked the 12 footer:

·        It takes less energy to heat a smaller area.
·        It takes less energy to cool a smaller area.
·        The floor plan is efficient, and allows for normal daily activities.
·        Travel trailers are mobile.
·        Travel trailers come furnished.
·        The less you have, the more you appreciate what you got.
·        I sleep better in a single bed.
·        Finding a place to park is easier with a short trailer.
·        My basic ½ ton pickup can tow it. No need for larger truck.
·        Easier to clean small spaces.
·        Smaller trailers are cheaper to buy (in most cases).
·        Keeps me from buying unnecessary items due to my lack of room.

Not having a permanent bathroom does have its limitations, and the lack of storage space does slow down my prepping, but these are the only two cons I have yet to notice.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shotshell Reloading: Basic and Simple

            I have been reloading shotgun shells for quite a while, and I have always been fascinated by “improvised” shot and projectiles. Anyone with two hands and access to needed supplies can reload shotshells, and I was lucky enough to find a cheap Lee Loader on Ebay about two years ago. These little hand loading kits are no longer produced, and almost everyone these days have switched over to the simple reloading press. Believe it or not, these little devils are still around and they are several available on Ebay as I am writing this. The specific one I got is for 16 gauge shotshells, but mine will easily reload 20 gauge shotshells as well. Below I have listed the required materials:

Empty Shotshells- Buy a box of shotgun shells at Wal-Mart or your local sporting goods store and when you shoot the whole box, just keep the empty shotshell hulls. It really is that simple.

Shotshell wads/cups- These are the little shot cups that hold the shot together and helps separate the shot from the powder, but it also creates a gas seal that is needed to propel the shot from the hull. As a beginner and with the simple Lee Loader method, a great shot pattern is not required so the specific brand of wad doesn’t matter as long as the wad is the correct gauge. For example; if you are going to reload 20 gauge shotshells, you need 20 gauge wads.  

Powder- This is what drives the wad and shot from the shotgun shell. I personally use Alliant Red Dot powder; however with a few Google searches you might prefer a different brand. Like I said before, I have been reloading off and on for around two years I have yet to go through a pound of smokeless powder.

Primers- This is what the slap pin/firing pin hits when you pull the trigger, then it ignites the gunpowder and starts the whole process. I use Winchester and CCI 209 primers, but I find the CCI primers are a bit easier to obtain in my area.

Shot- this is what hits the target, everyone should know that. On several occasions I have created improvised shot with average success, but for a noob I would prefer you buy factory made lead birdshot.

This is all you need to successful manufacture a shotshell. I will write a post about improvised shot and wads in the future, but for now I would recommend sticking with factory components. When you decide to buy your Lee Loader it should come with proper instructions on how to use it; however they are several websites on the subject if for some reason you can’t find one with adequate paperwork.

Until next time---- Travel Trailer Hermit---- Signing off----

P.S- The hermit will NOT be held responsible for any accidents. If you blow your fucking face off, kill the neighbor, etc. etc. it is your fault, not mine. You should have been more careful, my condolences.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Black Majority and Society

My weekend was great, but waking up this morning I realize today is yet another mindless holiday. The banks, public schools, county clerk's office, etc. etc. is closed, and all in thanks to Mr. "why can't we all just get along". I don't support segregation or violence toward the stereotypical "African American", but they must know where they stand in today's society. However, they don't! They continue to destroy clean protestant neighborhoods, listen to loud vulgar music, partake in interracial relationships, etc. etc. But what can you expect from a group of humans that came out of slavery less than 200 years ago? And before slavery, they were still living in primitive African jungles. Yet, every January we celebrate a national holiday for so-called "reverend doctor martin Luther king, Jr.", and every February is declared "black history month" because God knows white land owners treated the “out of date” farm equipment in a cruel manner. Do we really know what this man supported? According to various websites, a federal judge sealed the FBI files on King until the year 2027. Why would you hide information on a national hero? Let me tell you one thing, Dr. "I have a dream" was nothing but a plagiarizing communist. According to various sources; one particular night in January 1964, FBI audio bugs reportedly picked up 14 hours of party chatter, clinking of glasses, and sounds of illicit sex which included Dr. King saying "I’m f---ing for God" and "I’m not a negro tonight". What kind of man would say these things? If i am not mistaken, this incident was published in Newsweek Magazine, but plenty of info on the subject is available at Blacks have taken over society, and now the whites are becoming the "minority". We can thank the Gays and Blacks for HIV and the AIDs virus, and all because society said it was "okay". It is "okay" for the media to portray the Black population as normal, law abiding, and "cool", while real Negros are raping white women on a daily basis. However, don't worry, because we will turn a blind eye to it and nigger loving society will classify it as "normal". Blacks are not normal, and mainly because they are not developed. They behave like animals, and they look like humanoid Gorillas. My case is closed...


Sincerely, The Hermit...     

Friday, January 18, 2013

Damn Automobiles, Snow, and Politicians

Well, another week wasted working for the “man”, yet it doesn’t disappoint me. Today we got snow fall, and the roads are currently covered with black ice and it makes me question my two wheel drive truck. I got home about 4 hours ago, and after letting 10 PSI out of my rear tires, it managed to pull itself through the thick sludge. The county highway department can’t wake up a few hours early and salt the damn roads, in result it puts motorist in harm’s way, and I saw three accidents on the way home. We got around two inches of ice and snow, and this is one occasion where I wish my truck was a four wheel drive. Maybe I should just invest in a set of nylon snow straps that slip on the tires like snow chains, but I don’t think they would do much good. As far as my truck is concerned, the cold weather makes the starter “grunt” and “drag”, and it has been doing this for well over two month. I tested my battery and alternator in October; the battery is in good condition, and the alternator is pushing 14 amps, which is what it is rated at. The culprit must be the shitty O.E.M starter. When the time comes, and I invest in another vehicle, you better believe I will go the 4x4 route. On another note, I have yet to receive a “guest article” from a loyal reader, and this disappoints me. I guess I will continue to spit up words Monday through Friday, which reminds me to let you all know that I will not be posting tomorrow (1/19/13) or the next day (1/20/13) due to the fact I don’t do shit on the weekends. Other than annoying cold weather and truck problems, my week has been great. From what I saw on CNN yesterday, Obammy is really cracking down on our 2nd amendment rights and the NRA isn’t helping matters. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. A typical liberal is out to ban our nation’s protection from foreign invaders, while letting gays and abortion loving sluts rule the roost. Gays and blacks are people too, and if liberal cunts believed that themselves they might get off the “civil rights” topic and on with the subject of national crisis. Who cares about gay marriage, we got peak oil around the corner! Let Steve and Stan get married, who gives a dirty dog fuck, us realistic people know a true marriage is between a man and a woman. Not our fault they like it up the ass, now Mr. African American president can handle the real problems. Meanwhile, we all know religious zealot Romney would have been just as bad.


Hermit's Beach Vacation

As a kid, my mommy and daddy would always drag my sister and me to over expensive theme parks, and beach vacations. Don't get me wrong, I loved it as a child. It all started out with yearly visits to DollyWood, and then as money became a surplus (when mom got a promotion) we started venturing to Myrtle Beach, SC and King's Island in Cincinnati, OH. When my mom and dad got divorced about 3 years ago, and my mother remarried, these trips became more and more common. They all consisted of the same "fun" and the same "accommodations". We would all pack up in a rent-a-car, and spend 2-11 hours driving to our destination while stopping every hour or so to eat, drink, bathroom, etc. Our vacation would usually start on a Saturday and end on the upcoming Saturday, and the ride back home was always terrible. We always spent our week of paradise at a decent hotel, which I always hated. I hate hotels and motels. Tourist flock them, and the prices are always outrageous. As a result, today's post is about The Hermit's perfect yet SUPER cheap beach vacation. This is just an ideal of the perfect vacation; I plan on making this dream a reality within the next 2-3 years. Let's begin!

It would all start out with me requesting a week off from work, preferably, Monday thru Sunday, a full seven days. I would sleep in late Monday morning, get up around noon and have my packing done by 2:00pm and out the door by 3:00pm. I would pack a basic yet super cheap array of bologna and tuna sandwiches which would allow me to drive without stopping for lunch. In this perfect situation, I would have a reliable E-150 or E-250 full size Ford van with "van dwelling" accommodations. I would have two coolers, one for the above mentioned sandwiches, and the second one for ice cold Dr. Peppers and bottle waters, and my sights would be set on Myrtle Beach, SC or other local beaches. Upon arrival, I would enjoy long walks on the sea shore, chilling at the local restaurants, deep sea fishing, etc. etc. Yet, most days would be spent sitting on the beach reading a romance or western novel. The cool breeze would blow through my hair, and the smell of salt water would fill my nostrils. This would be a vacation to remember, with no one around to bother me, and after having the perfect week of relaxing solitude, I would fire up the ole' van and head back to the meek travel trailer homestead. My wallet would still be full of cash, with fuel being my only true expense. Life is Good.

Sincerely, the travel trailer hermit…